Digital or analog? Religious war or tempest in a teapot? For hardcore analogists, the CD has always been a thorn in their sides since its presentation 30 years ago. Digital sound is something unnatural to them. Due to the limited broadbandness of the CD medium, they are missing the original warmth, spaciousness, airiness, and aura – in short: the analog charms.

As the inventor of the laser disc technology, Philips pioneered an entire industry, but never manufactured high-end CD players. The development period from 1969 to 1982 had caused tremendous costs that could only be regained by entering the mass market. Therefore, many details in the devices' technical periphery fell victim to budget cuts. They remained – unmistakably – clearly below the possibilities of the feasible.

With the knowledge available today in the DIY scene, it is actually possible to achieve the "analog sound" with the CD player pioneers. Anyone who experienced the quality sound that is actually possible to be reproduced from a good old CD just once is usually addicted at once.

Now all signs seem to suggest that an era is slowly drawing to a close. I dare predict that a sworn community will arise (is already arising) who will prefer the CD over all other media for a very long time.

There are so many possibilities to improve your Philips. Feel free to contact me.

CD - Sound - Improver

Yet again one of these things you will only believe after you have heard it for yourself. With the CD - Sound - Improver, the CD's (or DVD's) edge is trimmed at an angle of 36°. Theory says that vagabonding laser light cannot return from the CD edge to the receiver as easily anymore then. Helmut Kohl says: "It is the result that counts". I can only agree!

Price:  €899.-

Bild 1 vom CD - Sound - Improver