ON.HIGH offers uncompromising sound quality at a reasonable price. For the basic version I, thus, use "reasonable" plug connectors. For an extra charge, the cable may also be terminated with other plugs. ON.HIGH is available as:

-> RCA interconnect
-> XLR interconnect
-> Speaker cable

Despite the low conductor cross section, ON.HIGH has well proven itself as a speaker cable for an efficiency of 90 dB and higher as long as it does not exceed a length of 3 m. For high-efficiency speakers it is the (almost) perfect connection as it fulfills the requirement of as little metal as possible. The following characteristics determine the sound:

-> Conductor made of high-purity copper
-> Low conductor cross section
-> Cryo-treated
-> Optimized for the defined signal direction
-> Dielectric: cotton

Prices (Stereo):
1 meter: €232.-
Each additional meter: +€55.-
Cotton jacket instead of plastic sheath
per stereometer:
ETI Bullet Plugs in copper: +€48.-

Bild 1 vom ON.HIGH Bild 2 vom ON.HIGH Bild 3 vom ON.HIGH Bild 3 vom ON.HIGH Bild 3 vom ON.HIGH Bild 3 vom ON.HIGH