Terminal Connector

Terminal connector of a very simple but effective construction. Pure silver with a wall thickness of 0.5 mm is used as conductor. The base plate and the bridge are manufactured from maple wood. All other metal parts are made of brass. In contrast to conventional terminal connectors, only one central screw is used. Therefore, the contact elements themselves are not threaded and optimized for signal and energy transfer.
In addition to standard shapes and materials, the connector may also be manufactured to customer requirements. With comprehensive mounting instructions.

-> Conducting material: silver
-> Not gold-plated, no unnecessary material transitions
-> Minimum metal portion; one conductor weighs only 1.6 grams
-> Polished conductor surface
-> Also available in bi or tri-wiring
-> Customized versions upon request

set mono-wiring: €160.-
set bi-wiring: €210.-
silver jack only: €20.-

Pic 1 of Terminal Connector Pic 2 of Terminal Connector Pic 3 of Terminal Connector Bild 4 des Anschlussterminals Bild 5 des Anschlussterminals Bild 6 des Anschlussterminals Bild 6 des Anschlussterminals
Bild des Anschlussterminals