Philips CD-Players of the first generation

The CD is dead - long live the CD!
Here I will share my 10 years of experience with the Philips CD-Players of the first generation. Step by step I will modify a CD104 in one of the best CD-Players in the world.

1. Stroke: Power supply board

With this modding, the player gets new juice. At least twice the capacitance of the original capacitors and even three times of the capacitance for the so important 5V digital supply.
Furthermore it gets an excellent Furutech mains socket to make the player more secure and get rid of first weak design points. Also i will fix the fundamental audio theme called: ground loops. I found 6 ground loops.

Solder kit
EUR 150.-
EUR 200.-
Built in your Player
EUR 300.-

CD - Tweaks

Some things get stuck with you. In High-End and the rest of your live this is a clear sign that something is working. Three tweaks so far that imho definitely bring better sound:

CD washing machine

CDs are clean, when freshly bought ... or not? Since years I use the CD washer "Hydrobath 1120". Here little Youtube-video how this works.

Blacken the CD edge

All you need is a black Edding 500 or similar waterproof felt tip. If you want to take it exactly, you can also blacken the blank area on the outside which can be easy observed under some LED-lamps.


to be placed on top of the CD ... I use this one.