No subject in High-End Audio is accepted with so much enthusiasm and so little understood. Vibrations are one of the most important sound affecting factors in audio-systems. Each device, even each electrical component creates vibrations and passes these on, mechanically and electrically. These disturbances overlay to the origin music signal and are perceived. Superpositions cancellations and material sounds are resulting. Some high-end gurus compare this issue with the electrical ground-loop problem. There too "vibrations" have to be grounded. To avoid turbulences (ground loops) they have to be released on a defined point (ground star-point) to the rack or base. To realise that, I have worked on my isolation feet. Now, two materials are available with different acoustic characteristics. You can adapt your device even better to your environment. My personal favor is to combine two wood and one metal foot under a device, where the metal foot is placed under the mains transformer.

Isolation Feet Bronze

These feet consist of two plates and a ball. The plates are made of bronze with 11% tin. The plates have a diameter of 31 mm and the ball 10 mm. Together the have a height of 19 mm.

Isolation Feet Wood

These feet are made of bongossi (aka ironwood) lenght 31 mm, height 19 mm. Top and bottom are polished crowned.

Both supports allow a degree of freedom in horizontal plane. Mechanical energy that is induced in the supported device from outside (structure-borne noise) or forms in the device will be transformed to one part in the horizontal plane and will be released to another part in the rack and/or the ground.
The set consists of two wooden feet and one metal foot. Included are balls made of steel and ceramics. Of course you are free to combine the feet arbitrary thus you have great control over tonal balance and soundstage. Supports you don't need you can simply return! With comprehensive set-up instructions.

1 piece wooden foot
EUR 30.-
1 piece bronze foot
EUR 65.-
Set wood + bronze
EUR 125.-

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