Foil Speaker Cable

As speaker cables do not only have to transmit a signal but also energy, the cable geometry is of particular importance. The energy required by the speaker is transmitted in an electromagnetic field. To provide an appropriate "conductor path" for this field, I use a foil (aka ribbon) conductor. Despite the complex manufacturing process, the result is worth it.

dynamics, ease, punch, rythm, timbre, holographic soundstage, sovereignty.

Reproduction is surprisingly open, purified and transparent. Spatial representation and signal depth are outstanding. Bass is extended to the very low end and defined. Dielectric and jacketing are made of almost exclusively natural materials.
The standard plug for this cable is my own spade connector. On request, I also offer hard gold-plated non-magnetic hollow banana plugs.


Only a missing solder joint is a good solder joint. With the spade connector the conductor becomes the contact itself. Base material is a durable glass-fibre plate. Supreme signal transmission properties!


Sometimes a spade connector is not possible or not ideal to connect to your amplifier or speaker. Then a high-grade cryo-treated non-magnetic hollow banana plug is the better choice.

Copper versus Silver

Copper is the second best conductor on earth. Silver is an even better conductor. However, silver is eavesdropped with prejudices by the audiophile audience. Some say it has harsh trebles and a thin sound. This has at least two reasons. First a non proper dielectric of the cable can lead to this effect. Secondly small errors in the audio system are transmitted better with silver. Copper is more likely to tolerate these errors. Is your chain ready for silver? Trial and error is the way to go. I will be happy to advise you! Feel free to order an identical trial set in copper and silver.

Prices (Stereo)
1 Meter
2 Meters
+ 1 Meter
Supreme Copper
EUR 800.-
EUR 1,300.-
+ EUR 500.-
Supreme Silver
EUR 1,100.-
EUR 1,900.-
+ EUR 800.-